Why Choose Flyscan Academy for Your Aviation Training

Do you aspire to fly as a pilot? Can you picture yourself at the controls of a mighty aircraft and immersed in the thrill of air travel? Ever wondered where to start with your aviation training? Flyscan Academy is the answer to your questions. Having pledged to be massively successful and imaginative, Flyscan Academy has […]

Becoming a Commercial Pilot in Sweden: The Flyscan Academy Path

In the vast blue expanse of the sky, the dream of becoming a pilot is harbored by many. However, only a few get to realize this dream. Sweden, known for its excellent aviation training programs, stands out as an ideal destination for aspiring aviators. This article offers a comprehensive guide to becoming a Commercial Pilot in Sweden […]

Top 10 Things to Know Before Starting Your Aviation Training

Are you eager to start your aviation training but want to get a head start? There are several things you can do before stepping foot in the airplane for the first time. With a strong foundation of knowledge and skills, not only will you be able to excel faster, but your end experience of the […]

Safety First: How FlyScan Academy’s Training Prioritizes Pilot Safety

When it comes to aviation, safety is paramount.  What makes FlyScan Academy exceptional among other aviation training institutions is about the steadfast dedication of its instructors and staff to enforcing flight safety by way of were highly faithful to training procedures and the advocacy of safe flying practices. In the article we will find out about […]

The Big Lack of Pilots and the Increasing Pilot Salaries

Image Source: Copyright Do you like the aviation world? Do you have a fantasy about flying above the skies, masterly controlling an aircraft? If this sounds like you, then a pilot’s career might just be what you need. The need for pilots is higher than ever with pilot salaries at unseen heights. There has never been more of […]