The Big Lack of Pilots and the Increasing Pilot Salaries

The Big Lack of Pilots and the Increasing Pilot Salaries

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Do you like the aviation world? Do you have a fantasy about flying above the skies, masterly controlling an aircraft? If this sounds like you, then a pilot’s career might just be what you need. The need for pilots is higher than ever with pilot salaries at unseen heights. There has never been more of a time to train as a pilot or look forward to exciting times in the world of aviation.

The Pilot Shortage Crisis

According to a recent analysis, the USA is projected to face a shortage of nearly 30,000 pilots by 2032. The demand for pilots is expected to outstrip supply in most regions globally between 2022 and 2024, and this shortage is anticipated to worsen over the next decade. The recovery of air travel demand, coupled with factors such as early retirements, mandatory retirement age, and a shrinking pool of potential pilots, has contributed to the current pilot shortage in North America.

A Growing Industry and Surging Salaries

The aviation industry is experiencing exponential growth, with airlines hiring pilots at an unprecedented rate. According to the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA), the number of pilots being hired is reaching unfathomable levels. Regional line pilots’ starting pay has increased by a staggering 546% since 2000, reaching $108,000 per year in 2023.

This surge in pilot salaries is not the only benefit that pilots are enjoying. Airlines are also offering enticing signing bonuses, attractive retirement packages, increased 401k matches, and improved work-life balance. These incentives, coupled with the rising demand for pilots, make it an opportune time to embark on a career in aviation.

Opportunities for Aspiring Pilots

Pilot Shortage While the aviation industry is plagued with a myriad of challenges, this pilot shortage offers tremendous opportunities for individuals wanting to be pilots. Airlines are now providing competitive salary structures, signing bonuses, better work-life balance, and attractive benefits as part of their rewards packages to help them find the right people and keep talented candidates for longer periods. 

Salaries for pilots who work at regional airlines have increased by an incredible 546% in only these past twenty-three years to the present day and are now paying out more than eight thousand dollars per year.

The Purpose of Pilot Training Aviation Institute

Pilot training institutes are integral to the aviation sector because they help prepare aspiring pilots for successful careers in an industry where demand is going up. These institutes offer all-inclusive pilot training programs that make learners competent enough to be professional pilots. Aspiring pilots go through tough training, which consists of studied lessons and simulator sessions as well as practice flying.

The Right Pilot Training Institute

An institution that provides pilot training must be chosen after considering accreditation, the quality of its instructors, and facilities for the trainee pilots to practice. It is also imperative to consider how effectively an institute can connect with key industry stakeholders when making a choice. Seek out institutes that provide recognized certifications and a history of turning out successful pilots. Also, check if you can receive financial aid or scholarships as support for your training journey.

The Future of Pilot Training

Boeing forecasts demand for 32,00t pilots annually over the next two decades. A shortage of pilots in big airlines, regional airlines, and corporate aviation opens up great career opportunities for those who are determined to become skilled helicopter pilots. By choosing pilot training, people can start their careers full of adventures, voyages, and personal development.


If you have ever imagined yourself as a pilot, then the moment to make your dream come true is here. There is a growing need for skilled pilots in the aviation industry and, as air travel becomes more popular year after year, such opportunities keep on increasing. By joining a top pilot training school, you will have the right kind of education and advice to start your aviation career.

One such institute is FlyScan Academy, a leading provider of pilot training programs in Europe. With their professionally focused programs and strong industry connections, FlyScan Academy is dedicated to helping aspiring pilots reach their full potential. Take the first step towards your dream career and join the ranks of skilled aviators who soar through the skies with confidence and passion.

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