About Us

About Us
We offer a wide range of high quality training

Inspired By Excellence & Innovation

The Academy was founded by aviation professionals including highly experienced pilots and other essential personnel. It was started as a project in 2015 and the Academy officially became an EASA Approved Training Organisation in 2016 by the Swedish Civil Aviation Authorities.

Stockholm, the capital of Scandinavia was the obvious choice for us, We’re surrounded by flight training, general as well as commercial aviation, which is a perfect climate for our purpose. The majority of the flight training is conducted in Stockholm Västerås Airport and Stockholm Arlanda Airport.

The Academy is comprised of a highly experienced and well-qualified staff. The Senior Management is embodied by several decades of experience in the airline industry. The majority of Scandinavian Aerospace Academy Instructors maintain active flight duty in order to keep proficiency to be up-to-date with changes that are made everyday in the aviation industry.








Airline Transport Pilot Program that takes you from zero experience all the way in to any airliner.
Offering training suited for non-EASA license holders of any license type wishing to obtain a EASA license.
Scandinavian Aerospace Academy offers a wide range of instructor courses including FI, CRI, IRI, MCCI, SFI, TRI, CRMI.
Training suitable for airline customers covering type ratings, operator conversion courses and other training.

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Our Popular Courses

Commercial Pilot License

To obtain a CPL, a pilot must have logged at least 250 hours of flight time as pilot-in-command and have passed a series of rigorous examinations, including written and practical tests.

Instrument Rating

With a combination of classroom and in-flight instruction, Our course offers a comprehensive approach to teaching the fundamentals of flight, safety, and regulations.

Multi Engine (ME)

The FAA requires that all pilots have a minimum of 50 hours of multi-engine experience before taking the practical test.

Executive Management

Ole Christian Melhus
CEO & Chairman of the Board
Highly experienced professional with wide experience as CEO, COO and Accountable Manager from 18 years in one of the worlds largest short and long-haul airlines. Founder of startup airline in South America. Proven multi-disciplined, with management & analytic skills and 35 years of aviation experience.
Mubashar Kapur
COO & Board Member
Highly experienced professional with wide experience as COO, Quality & Compliance Manager and aeronautical engineer. Background from Royal Norwegian Airforce and worked for one of the world’s best airlines, short and long-haul. MSc in Human Factors in Aviation and 25 years of aviation experience.

Our Team

Ole Christian Melhus

B737 Capt.

CEO, AM, CCO & Chairman of the Board

Mubashar Kapur

B787/777 Capt.

COO/ Deputy AM, Quality & Compliance, CRM Trainer & Board Member

Thomas Hesthammer

B787/737 Capt.


Niki Smulovic

B737 Capt.

Director Part 145


Daniel Lindefors


Director Safety, Quality & Compliance and Board Member


Stig Larsen

B737 Capt.

Director ATO/ TRE, TRI, Language Proficiency Assessor, CRM Trainer, FE and FI

Lasse Fjærestad

B737 Capt.

Director Safety

Bård Ove Myhr


Director IT

Thomas Eriksson

Chief Flight Instructor

Tristan Okkonen
Markus Johansson
Chief Flight Instructor
Iluta Cakova
Training Coordinator
Khemendra Singh
Flight Instructor