Conversion from Military Licence to civil DGCA Commercial Helicopter Pilot Licence AS350/H125

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Scandinavian Aerospace Academy will provide you

  • 4 hours training on AS350 B3+/B3e.​
  • 3 hours training on AS350/ H125 FTD 3 VR Simulator​
  • Ground training (distance learning online)
  • 1.5 hours Skill Test on AS350 B3+/B3e (this can be logged as PIC​
  • 8.5 hours of hour building on AS350 B3+/B3e for PIC time​
  • Optional: 3 hours bi-annual emergency training on AS350/ H125 FTD 3 VR Simulator can be provided for you as well- as per DGCA requirement.​


Scandinavian Aerospace Academy

  • Our facilities are 5 minutes’ walk from the airport.
  • Hotel is 5 minutes’ walking distance from the simulator.
  • Facilities for buying food are within walking distance.
  • Buses and trains are within walking distance if you want to go
    down to the city to be a bit of a tourist.
  • Our beautiful Scandinavian nature can be experienced during
    time building on the helicopter.
  • We have a strong and good relationship with India and also have
    Hindi & English speaking staff.
  • We have partners in India.


CAR 12

Extension of Aircraft Rating

Helicopters are grouped variously as Group 1 (A or B), Group 2 and Group 3 based on their handling characteristics.

Airbus AS350/ H125 is group 1B – “all single engine helicopters with turbine powered engines” (CAR12.1.1.2).

CAR 12.2

Ground Training Syllabus

The syllabus for ground training as prescribed by the ATO shall be followed. The Scandinavian Aerospace Academy uses OSD (Operational Suitability Data) which is produced by Airbus and is approved

CAR 12.3

Flying Training Syllabus

The syllabus for flying training as prescribed by the ATO shall be followed, Scandinavian Aerospace Academy follows training as given in CAR 12.6 below, with prior approval of flying syllabus by DGCA

CAR 12.3.1

Credits for Military Flying Experience

Adequate credit shall be granted for military flying experience i.e. flying hours flown while in military service on aircraft of the same type or variant, in this case Airbus AS350/ H125


flying experience approval

A system of vetting the flying experience shall be followed, wherein the flying experience submitted by the applicant shall be perused and vetted on a case to case basis for approval.

CAR 12.5

Flying Training Exercises

Specific exercises to be carried out during conversion training are given in the Flight Report format at Appendix CA 43 and are used by Scandinavian Aerospace Academy.

CA - 44 Skill Test / PPC and IT Check by Day/Night on ME/SE helicopters

We conduct Skill Test / PPC and IT Check by Day/Night on SE helicopters- specific AS350/ 125 according to CA - 44 form published by DGCA. This form is filled in by the EASA examiner and sent back to India with you, which you must present to the Indian DGCA.

Simulator Training

The level of qualification and the complexity of the type will determine the amount of practical training that may be accomplished in simulators, including completion of the skill test. Before undertaking the skill test, a student should demonstrate competency in the skill test items during the practical training.

In Scandinavian Aerospace Academy, we use worlds first EASA approved and qualified Visual Reality Flight Training Device FTD 3 (FAA Designation FTD 6/7) for Airbus AS350/ H125, which is also approved by Indian DGCA. And, AS350/ H125 helicopters.

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