Why Choose Flyscan Academy for Your Aviation Training

Why Choose Flyscan Academy for Your Aviation Training

Do you aspire to fly as a pilot? Can you picture yourself at the controls of a mighty aircraft and immersed in the thrill of air travel? Ever wondered where to start with your aviation training? Flyscan Academy is the answer to your questions. Having pledged to be massively successful and imaginative, Flyscan Academy has pilot training programs made for aspiring pilots who want to have a successful aviation career.

Whether you are just getting involved in the journey or a point of improving, our academy is here to assist you in meeting your targets. Let’s review why Flyscan Academy is the best among all other aviation training centers.

About Flyscan Academy

The founders of Flyscan Academy is passionate, knowledgeable and highly experienced pilots with other critical aviation personnel. The academy had its beginning as a project in 2015 and ultimately after being certified by the Swedish Civil Aviation Authorities it became an EASA Approved Training Organization in 2016.

The location of Flyscan Academy in Stockholm, the capital of Scandinavia with its flight training facilities and thriving aviation industry is a perfectly surrounded environment where wannabe pilots can learn and flourish.

The Academy is made up of a dedicated and professional staff who have a wealth of academic experience. The Senior Management of our airline company brings in several decades of experience in the airline market to be able to make sure that pilot training programs comply with the current industry standards and the subject business rules.

The instructors of Flyscan Academy typically have taken on active flight duty, and in this way, they keep up with the ever-changing aviation world as well as all the technicalities.

Training Programs

Flyscan Academy offers a diverse range of training programs to suit the needs of aspiring pilots at various stages of their careers. Whether you are starting from scratch or looking to advance your skills, Flyscan Academy has a program for you.

Ab-Initio Programs

The Ab-Initio Programs at Flyscan Academy are designed for individuals with zero experience in aviation who aspire to become professional pilots. Such courses usually comprise of practical and theoretical training, starting from scratch and ranging up to being able to pilot the newest airliners. The ATPL Program, above all, offers you the advanced skills and flying certifications to qualify you as a qualified airline pilot.

Conversion Courses

Flyscan Academy provides a range of Conversion Courses for those non-EASA pilots who aspire to obtaining an EASA license. These courses in particular cater to those who already hold a driving license with another authority and to join the European aviation system. Flyscan Academy makes sure that the courses that are provided to aspiring aviators are rated the highest by maintaining international standards.

Instructor Courses

Among the training courses that Flyscan Academy offers its flight academy instructors include the Instructor Development Courses. We have FI, CRI, IRI, MCCI, SFI, TRI as well as CRMI. Through these programs, the required training is offered in conjunction with official certifications to get a commercial pilot’s license.

Airline Courses

Besides airline crew members, Flyscan Academy has a special provision to serve the diverse requirements of airline customers, which comprises type ratings, operator conversion courses, and other airline-specific training. Airline-operated training programs are intended to provide pilots with the particular understanding and ability required to operate the various aircraft types and meet the airlines’ specific requirements.

The Flyscan Academy Advantage

When it comes to aviation training, Flyscan Academy stands out from the competition. Here are some reasons why Flyscan Academy is the ideal choice for your aviation training:

Experienced and Qualified Staff

Flyscan Academy takes pride in its team of highly experienced and qualified instructors. The Senior Management brings decades of experience in the airline industry, ensuring that the training programs are in line with industry standards.

State-of-the-Art Facilities

Flyscan Academy is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities to provide students with the best possible training experience. The college employs the most up-to-date flight simulators, for instance, the AS 350 VR Helicopter Simulator, to imitate the actual flying situations. This is where the simulators come in, providing an opportunity for the students to rehearse and perfect their skills in a secure setting where they have lots of control.

Comprehensive Training Programs

One of the key advantages of Flyscan Academy is its comprehensive pilot training programs. Whether you are starting from scratch or looking to advance your skills, Flyscan Academy offers a program that suits your needs.

Industry Connections

Flyscan Academy is not just an educational institution but has established strong relationships in the aviation industry that offer students practical networking opportunities. These networking sessions are not mere informal gatherings. They could be keys to career ignition.

Connect With Flyscan Academy

Are you ready to venture into your aviation training? Link up with Flyscan Academy now to explore their courses and find out why they are the best choice for you as you strive to become a commercial pilot. Visit Flyscan Academy to explore the classes they offer, talk to their staff and it is your chance to embark on an exciting becoming an accomplished pilot.

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